Fundraising Guide for small charities

Advice UK


Sarah Collins of AdviceUK looks at fundraising within small charities.

Working for AdviceUK, a national organisation that has over 800 charities as members, a lot of questions have arisen over the years around fundraising...... and now, more so than ever.



Chasing the money

Find the Grim Reaper a new home

Grim Reaper seeks good home

This 11 foot tall grim reaper puppet needs now has a new home, as we don't didn't have space for it any more.

It's head turns, it's jaw talks, and it's finger points / moves... it's very impressive and gets lots of wows in public.

Only drawback is it's very heavy and needs a strong soul to wear it, but for someone with prop building skills it wouldn't be too difficult to rebuild his body from lighter materials..? Paul can  advise how ...

Graphic Novel Commission for Polyp

Polyp has landed another book commission:

Right now I'm thrilled to be working on another political history graphic novel... one with lots of science stuff in it, and centred around an issue I care deeply about.

It even has a chapter set in the future, full of rare optimism, and a spacecraft! Bliss.

The publishers have asked me to keep the details to myself until they announce it themselves, so watch this space early next year!

Everbody's On the Edge

or "What it takes to be a freelance illustrator" from our own Ben Tallon:

Yesterday I sat here at my studio desk. I went through my daily routine, (or as close as a freelance creative gets to routine) checking my run of websites, eating lunch when I felt satisfied with my mornings progression.

Familiar people infiltrated my inbox and my ever expanding Itunes spat out it’s increasingly erratic playlist. Then one of those regular invaders dropped me a very interesting link...

Welcome to new tenant John Ossoway

John of RagingTrifle

A big warm OpenSpace welcome to new part-time tenant John Ossoway of RAGINGtrifle.

John is a freelance designer and illustrator - check out his site at

It's great to have a web designer in the office to complement our two developers, one programmer, and an SEO. I'm sure we'll be hiring each other and working on more joint projects in no time!


30th June deadline for Best of Manchester Poets


Poetry publishing company 'Puppywolf' is asking for submissions for 'Best of Manchester Poets Volume 2", their annual anthology which will be published in September 2011.

Anybody over 18 who calls themselves a Manchester poet can contribute. You can submit two poems and it’s free of charge to do so. The deadline for submissions is 30th June 2011.

Find out more here on their website.

Puppywolf is run by OpenSpace's very own Keir Thomas.




Manchester Book Bloc

Manchester Book Bloc

Last month OS members Jonathan and Paul started the 'Book Bloc' project - creating  banners / riot shields for forthcoming demos.

As the picture shows, they're essentially HUGE books, each having a special meaning in the context of deflecting aggression. They've a thin wooden base, but are made of thick slabs of foam- giving them yet more of a built in non violent / self defense message.

Welcome to new tenant Keir Thomas

Keir Thomas

A big Openspace welcome to our latest tenant Keir Thomas, who now lives under the stairs.

Keir Thomas is a freelance journalist and runs, a poetry publishing company (guess which makes him a living?).

Members and Tenants latest news

OpenSpace members and tenants are working hard!

From book launches to chatting up venture capitalists, this is what everyone is up to besides all the exciting Coop developments: 

Dave Dawes of Entrepenurses has been out on the road .... running workshops for the NHS and talking to venture capitalists. Keep smiling Dave and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Green, Green Grass of Hulme


When I joined Openspace last month and escaped from two years working out of my spare room in Moss Side, it wasn’t for the scenery.

It’s a bright office, full of lovely people doing various interesting things, with a relaxed positive vibe. I dig the co-operative values and running our own space. I’ll be happy enough there.

After looking at prices in Northern Quarter, Castlefields and Didsbury, I figured I could live with the location too.

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